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SIDE ONE is tracks 1-7
SIDE TWO is tracks 8-13

Written, Arranged, Played and Recorded by Caleb Dillon in The Basement Of The Alamo between 2002-2014.

"I'm The Cop That Shot Mal Evans" contains dialogue by David Hess from the film "The House On The Edge Of The Park", directed by Ruggero Deodato and written by Gianfranco Clerici and Vincenzo Mannino; and dialogue by Marilyn Monroe and Donna Corcoran from the film "Don't Bother To Knock", directed by Roy Ward Baker and written by Daniel Taradash.

Cover Photography by Stephen Dillon

"I don't steal from anybody; I steal from everybody." - Dan O'Bannon

All songs copyright 2016 August Songs Ltd.


released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Starling Electric Michigan











"Listening to this album is a lot like spending a happy afternoon with a group of unpretentious archivists as they pull one discovery after another out of their collections, saying, 'Yes, but have you heard this ?'"
- Noel Murray,
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Track Name: The Fog
When these things begin to fade in the fog
Wild, find me
Come find it and make it fair
Come in here
But beware

Woke up not singing this song again this morning
I can't remember the tune

We won't be singing no songs again this morning
I can't remember the tune
Track Name: Silver Lake
Far beyond I constantly sit dreaming of the blackening night
Comes a constellation, Silver Lake apartment, '71
Your age will most certainly return;
"Carrie-Ann" and The Byrds
Unpleasant thoughts will fall away, my friend, someday

How can I be light instead of darkness - a seven and not six -
when I've lost my concentration, Silver Lake apartment, everyone?
High up to the moon,
you got high in a room
High up to the moon, you got high in a room
Track Name: Death's Door
Sleepy in the postman's care,
a stamp of 25 in my hair
I'll see you when I get there

I wander through gold and green rooms
Jack and Jill games under the moon
I'll come to Death's door very soon

Out of the light, in the night, on the street
Colored lights that I've felt that I know will soon melt
I was low, dreadful mind, but I'm leaving it all behind
The dust and the smoke now I know is just a joke

A Lovely Sort of Death to find somewhere in the corner of your mind
Track Name: Those Eyes!
Time hasn't come for the giving in
I ain't got no straight line for living in
But oh, those eyes, they make a fire inside
You don't really know
They make me feel so...

Time hasn't come with a gift for us
I just killed and buried what lifted us
But things like that make me tired and sad
And I don't really know if I should feel so
Track Name: I Died
Very alone right now
I'll get in a late-night sound
I couldn't live without love in my life so I died

She's going through a phase;
I know that she's going to change
She left me alone and she felt so alive
I couldn't live with no love in my life so I died
Track Name: Let's Try To Keep It Out Of The Papers
Even times that I'd hold back now just seem holy and unreal;
Secrets tied to the road that night will unfold just how you feel

Don't think twice, or three or four times
We'll start out fast and then go slow
Let's try to keep it out of the papers so nobody knows
Track Name: No One Knows My Name
End of time was something rainbow
It was mine, summertime
No one sees me anyway
No one hears me
No one knows my name
Track Name: Dark Agez
We used to have some dark ages
Did you feel strange?
'Cause I felt strange

Me and my lightbox
Power it up and my night rocks
Track Name: Multiple Murder
I was just a boy in my flower days
Sleeping in the wild open hills
And you murdered me when you looked at me

I'm falling into love with your fire
I left the autumn hills for the sea
And you played a part, cross my heart
I turned around - what a sound!

My whole life through I gave to you
And you murdered me - can't you see?
Track Name: Scarlet Fever
I can't believe her, my girl Scarlet Fever
Yeah she's spreading it around like a fire
Her radiant is just like a dream
I think you know just what I mean

She'll hole up in your head
Pretty soon you're gonna wish that you were dead
But I just have to know, I just have to know...

She's no believer, my girl Scarlet Fever
She grew up on the other side of town
Her radio came on in my dream
Wrecked the good things I'd seen

We'd seen healthier days
But she refused to compromise the ways
That we constantly go down, we shit on our hometown

We should've settled down;
We shouldn't have settled down
Track Name: Missouri
There's a small place between love and despair
Do you know the times I've waited for you there?
I've been trying my best to be all alone in misery in the meantime

There are some things I feel when you're with me
But I won't let you know; as far as you can see
I've been dying for you and me, I've been lost in misery
without you, girl

Track Name: Wear Your Love Like Heather
They don't understand; they don't know who I really am
The father to son, the mother to everyone
The all-things-must-pass, afraid of moving too fast
I will be here and gone, so long

We were always waiting for our time to come
But what's the use in waiting?
It's already begun

Be anything
It's free

Be someone that you'd like to love
Somebody is thinking of you right now, somehow

We were always waiting for our good times to come
But what's the use in changing?
They've already begun

Be anything
that's free

Be someone that you'd like to love
You know somebody is thinking of you right now, somehow