I Can't Believe I Hate The Whole Thing

by Starling Electric

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released October 21, 2016

SIDE ONE is tracks 1-11
SIDE TWO is tracks 12-23

All songs written, arranged, performed and recorded by Caleb Dillon in the Basement Of The Alamo between 2000-2014.

"D.I.Y.N.A.S.T.Y." features vocals and lyrics by PreciseHero.

"Spector" contains a sample of "The Morning After", written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn and performed by Maureen McGovern, as well as dialogue from the film "All You Need Is Love: The Story Of Popular Music", directed by Tony Palmer and performed by Phil Spector.

"D.I.Y.N.A.S.T.Y." contains a sample of "Theme From Dynasty", written by Bill Conti, as well as dialogue from the film "Mahogany", directed by Berry Gordy, written by Toni Amber and John Byrum and performed by Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams.

"The Honeymoon Is Over" contains elements from the film "Opera", written and directed by Dario Argento, with music by Claudio Simonetti and dialogue performed by Cristina Marsillach.

Cover Photography & Design: Stephen Dillon

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." - Orson Welles



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"Listening to this album is a lot like spending a happy afternoon with a group of unpretentious archivists as they pull one discovery after another out of their collections, saying, 'Yes, but have you heard this ?'"
- Noel Murray, avclub.com
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Track Name: Spector

"You know, somebody once asked me a question.
They said: 'Phillip, aren't you lonely in this big house?
Must be very lonely...
All them rooms to roam around in...
Damn, it must be lonely!'
You know what I said? I said:

'You ever live in one room?'"
Track Name: I Want To Spoil The Party
I don't want someone I can just ignore
The world above me is a total bore
A total waste of time is just the way
I want to sleepwalk through my nights and days

Give me something to release myself
To kill the party and my general health
Make it jagged and hard to swallow
Split me open for a horror show!

I do want someone who can just ignore
the world above 'cause it's a total bore
I confess I want some real love
At my weakest I just push and shove

Give me someone to bequeath myself to
I'll kill the party and release some hell, too
Track Name: Micky/McCartney
I'll tell you what's come over me
It's a terrifying saga so we gotta put on some tea
Micky and McCartney stayed up all last night
Writing for the times, but the timing was just not right

Please come in the form of something alien
or come in the form of something I see every day
'Cause the radio's playing something alien,
I can't understand a single word that they say

Later in the evening with the shutters shut
Strangers all, we meet and arrange for a power cut
Then Micky and McCartney can re-do their thing
Some quiet will remind us what real soul can bring

Please come in the form of something alien
or come in the form of something I see every day
'Cause the radio's playing something awful
and I can't understand a single word that they say
Track Name: Mild Thing
"Can't believe I hate the whole thing"
That's what I said to make the ringer ring
There it goes, I missed the call
I hath not reached out to thee after all

Mild Thing
You make my pendulum swing
Please let my phone ring
Bring me another panacea

You make me feel just like a cancer
when I call on you and I get no answer
Track Name: I Didn't Know It Then (Catherine)
House is closed, so sorry
Catherine who?
Go away

She's taken ill, lost her voice
She's out of town, far away

I didn't know it then but I know it now
I couldn't do it then but I can do it now

I'd kinda like to move along
in a little less than a day
Would you come with me, Catherine?
But I know what they'll say
She can't come out to play

House is closed, so sorry
Catherine who?
Go away
I'll burn it down, or blow it up
I'll get her back anyway I can

Catherine, can you hear me yell?
Your family can go to hell
Track Name: Please Put Some Faith In My Life
Please put some faith in my life
I know that you can, I can't wait anymore
When you put faith in your life
life can be good to you
(Life is not always good to you)

Please put some faith in our time
Together we're building up trust that won't die
When you put faith in our time
time can be good for you
(Time is not always good for you)

Please have some faith in my life
Track Name: (This Is Not Necessarily) The Twilight Zone
I had the feeling of something burning,
a scratch when you walked in the room
So say what's on your mind, what's on your mind
I don't mind if I do

This is not necessarily The Twilight Zone
so you owe an explanation
Artifacts and opinions have shown
what you know

Why disappear? We've got no twist ending
No Matheson reveal
You've just removed the bandages, now heal!
The scars may not be real

This is not necessarily The Twilight Zone
so you owe an explanation
All the facts, the opinions you've shown let me know

Loneliness takes its toll,
you're unreasonably sad
No one really knew where you'd gone,
now they see me say that
you've been in the zone for so long
Track Name: Silver Lake 2
A little signal said I've seen enough
Was not the story that I thought it was
Marion acted as if I'd asked her to forsake
every pathway back to Silver Lake
Track Name: If They Don't Know (They Don't Know)
We request your presence
Without you is not pleasant
If they don't know, then no one should tell them
If they don't know, then no one should tell them
If they don't know they don't know
Track Name: T.S. Eliot
Ascend to summer in the trees
Had the look of flowers that are looked upon
Around the corner, through the first gate
Into our first world we will follow
The deception of the thrush
into our first world

I'll spend a summer in the trees
Have the look of flowers and be looked upon
I'll sound a warning through the first days
Then to our first world we will follow
In a sexual rush
into our first world
Track Name: Shadow Mountain
I found myself on Shadow Mountain
with shadow hanging overhead
Some sight beyond sight lead me there

Please take me home from Shadow Mountain
No darkness waits behind that door
and Shadow Mountain is no more

Some lost their way home from the mountain
Listless and uncaring, go nowhere
I can't be there

I sent to Hell that Shadow Mountain...
Track Name: D.I.Y.N.A.S.T.Y. (feat. PreciseHero)
No regard for payola, Joni was the only one playing today
So cool it, she's got her uniform on the wrong way
How come nobody told me you were taking a stand?
How come nobody told me you were running away?

I'm just barely into your vision, verily
It's a lonely old station today
I can't grok what my radio station won't play
We could shack up, plastered, in the back of my car
Or we could back up files 'til the end of our days

There's yester-you
Packed & standing inside of the vestibule
Charting course of rescue out on sandy residue
A last resort
To cross the shore, another port
While passing in the night
The salty air dried our last retort
Mi amor, letting go
Turning our close into a close
If that's the clause then write me off cast for coming shows
You'd rather grow apart than see us growing old
Misunderstood the half
He couldn't hold the whole for long

We're not "all in this together"
I don't care about the friends that you make
Your hot producer is a loser and the label's on the take
How come nobody cares about takin' a stand?
How can nobody notice that the vocal is fake??

I've made mistakes for saving face
What a waste of thrilling lines
Alright, in case my saving grace escapes
Okay that's fine
Too heavy on the downbeat
Heart pounding
Surrounding approach refined
"Get outta the city, I'm ready & willing.
The Feeling won't make it a crime."
Gilded cage - we're caught in
Glass Ceilings - keep us drawn in.
Talking sense - on the lead in
Not convinced - so...You're leaving?
Eye to eye but you still can't see it?
It's a trap - Luxury's lap
in a lion's den, wrapped in rags
But I hope you come back...
Track Name: Letter Box
I can't tell you face to face but I know it's something real
Open up your letter box and I'll tell you how I feel
Saturdays I went walking past your house on Soft Rock Drive
Your letter box was open so I took a look inside

Notes from friends, some from family
but no love notes did I find

I'll put it all down in a letter and it'll sound better
You can bet that's how I feel
Track Name: Five Senses
Saw you walking in the rain, I was talking to some trees
I was telling them about something that you just won't believe
It was passed down to me, there weren't no choice that I had
ESP; It was the sixth sense that I got from my dad

Five senses saw
I could not stay/sleep in my old room
I could've had it all, least that's what they say
Track Name: Beauty Academy
Yesterday we studied anatomy
undercover at the Junior High
I'm gonna open up a beauty academy
I don't know if it is wrong or if it is right
Track Name: I Dreamed About Everything In The World Last Night (Again)
I dreamed about everything in the world last night again
A spaceship in leopard skin, a waterfall in my room, a new friend
But I dreamed that you were with me,
seeing everything that I'd seen
So I didn't really mind it
as long as I can find it again

I dreamed I went everywhere in the world last night again
Moscow, the castle wall, Africa, Peru and back again
But I dreamed that you were with me,
being everywhere that I'd been
So the mileage didn't break us,
only seemed to make us much better

I was somewhere else seeing some things
that had never been seen
But I still don't understand why
you could dream you'd stand by me
Track Name: Cold War
Cold war, how cold are you?
Old scars, I've got a few

You were always far away, you know
You were always far away, you know
Come back to wither in your warm coat

No more as cold as you
No more, I promise you

You were always on the radio
You were always on the radio
Where did your old songs get you?
I don't know
Track Name: Ogre Broke Down
Beware, the wind cries out his name
Village wells are full of flame
Some people said
Ogre broke down

Curses ring from every house
King has sewn up his Queen's mouth
so she'll never say
Ogre broke down

There is a beast we've always known
A darker place we all come from
Someday we'll say
Ogre broke down
Track Name: Donna
Oh Donna
Please believe me
I will never ever ever make you cry
Oh but Donna,
if you don't leave me
I will never ever ever ever die

Oh yes I'm immortality
I'm still young beyond the end of time
Oh but Donna, I'll die
with the rest of them if you won't be mine

Oh Donna, it's The Fifties
How long d'you really think we can last?
Do you remember yesterday
when the hula hoop bit you in the ass?

Well you can say it's all done and gone
but I believe in you will love me so long
They said that Rome was never built in a day

Oh Donna, won't you believe me?
I stayed up all night writing you the words to this song
And when the dawn crept into my tear-stained sheets
I was incomplete...
Track Name: I'd Listen All Night
One little baby is tucked in and tired
I'd listen all night to him
One more little baby is whipped up and wired
I'd listen all night to her

I'd listen all night (x4)

While I was away, could you tell me what happened?
I'd listen all night to your song
Way too late we were laughing and laughing
I'd listen all night long

I'd listen all night (x4)

Wait, don't leave me, stay here and receive me
I swear that it's true
I'd listen all night to you

I'd listen all night
Track Name: Shaken All Over
I was comin' up on Death's valet
I was shaken all over today
Gypsy sighs, "Who but Jesus decides?"
in my castle below a lake

I was comin' up on Death's valet
I was shakin' all over today
My grave street girl and me
My grave street girl and me
Track Name: The Honeymoon Is Over
Once came alive, the groom resigned
Choked on rice
You know that everything is fine

The good Sergeant Slaughter
Before and after
Now she gets to lose a part of what lifts her
My world, my world...

Anyone could have told her
The honeymoon is over